Cantonment Board Jhelum

Serve with a sense of duty and smile

Cantonment Board Jehlum

Mission Statement

"To ensure pro-people and efficient local governance in cantonments effective land management"

Our Mission

Cantonment Board Jhelum have developed numerous facilities for the residents and general public. Jhelum Cantonment is a role model for other civic bodies to emulate. It is independent civic body which does not fall back for financial assistance either upon the federal or Provincial Government.

About CBJ

Jhelum Cantonment is one of the important Cantonment (Army Base) of Pakistan which was built in 1849 and in recent years it has grown up into a strong Garrison. Jhelum was chosen as the site of a cantonment and as the headquarters of the civil administration. For some years it was the seat of the Commissioner of the Division, but in 1859 his headquarters were transferred to Rawalpindi. In recent years, Jhelum has steadily advanced in prosperity; and it is the entrepôt for most of the trade of the District.